I had been thinking about minimalism for several weeks already due to the fact that I could not fit all my clothes in a huge plastic container. I realized that I had too much clothes, half of which I had not worn in 2 years.

My room was also similarly messy, with piles of things I took from my apartment shoved beneath the bed. I vowed that I would one day look through them and sort them, but it’s been almost 2 months and nothing’s changed.

I stumbled upon Fumio Sasaki, a Japanese minimalist, from a YouTube video after searching “Japanese minimalism”. He wrote a book called “Goodbye, Things: The New Japanese Minimalism”, which I devoured in 2 days! He shared his transformation from slobby antique-collector to spartan minimalist, and how his relationship with his things also changed his attitude towards life.

I was immensely inspired to embark on the same journey of my own, and I wanted to chronicle my attempts to uncover a happy yet fulfilling life. So here we are, and welcome to Looking for Less.

A short introduction, before I share more about this task: I am a twenty-something year old, working in corporate. My relationship with things is similar to Fumio – I often bought things I wanted but did not need, and am a bit of a slob with my living area. However, one thing that is slightly different is I can be very unsentimental about things. It is easy for me to throw things away if I go on a cleaning spree. The struggle is just getting to the cleaning part.

I’m hoping that this journey will make me a better, happier human being. I’ll share more updates in the coming days! See you then.

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