I devoured Marie Kondo’s “Spark Joy: An Illustrated Master Class on the Art of Organizing and Tidying Up” over the past 3 days and became gradually more excited about the process of simplifying my belongings and combining my knowledge with what I learned from Fumio Sasaki.

Sasaki is much more of a minimalist than KonMari and his book was more philosophical in a way, discussing his journey and transformation aided by minimalism. KonMari’s book was more instructional, and she listed down practical tips and funny stories on how to spark joy in one’s day-to-day life.

My approach to things is more practical than affectionate, and so I relate more with Sasaki on this, but Spark Joy really helped put a method to the madness and so I started my own tidying festival of sorts and have just completed the first category, which is Clothes.

I already started decluttering clothes last week but I’m glad to say I was able to donate my extra clothes to a Christian charity organization called Caritas. I emailed them and they instructed me to drop off my clothes at their main office. I booked a courier and sent a box and a bag of clothes their way.

For the rest of the clothes I decided to keep, I folded them KonMari style and kept them neatly in drawers or hung them in decreasing length in my wardrobe.

Looking at my clothes makes me feel pleased and not stressed, and I feel like it will be easier to laundry now due to less clothes! Yay!

My next project is to declutter Books, and I will update you soon!

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