Art has always been a dear friend to me, as I grew up dreaming about becoming a mangaka, to visiting museums and becoming heavily involved in the music scene. Funnily enough, I ended up in business through a twisted turn of events, and I actually weirdly enjoy it. Business is multidimensional and complex, making for some intellectually stimulating discussions, mostly about people.

But I find that the more I throw myself into work and school, the more effort I have to put in to include art in the picture.

Recently, I rediscovered the importance of art again through a podcast called Interesting People Reading Poetry. They feature people from various walks of life who talk about their favorite poem. There was an episode about an elegy, and the words of the poem, the artist’s interpretation, and the music that accompanied it, were all intensely moving. I felt myself become pensive and somber, thoughtful about the meaning of life and saying goodbye to the past in every new phase I enter. Did I ever give an elegy to the parts of myself and my old life that I left behind?

It’s striking how much one can adapt the meaning of art to their own experiences. And it’s part of why I like it so much. I hope art can be something essential I can keep in my life while I continue looking for less.

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