Hi LFL! I just wanted to kick off a quick post as I have fallen out of the habit of writing for myself, and so being able to write something personal out should be a good start to restarting that habit.

I have been enjoying my summer break a lot, learning valuable lessons through my internship and have in fact recently completed my final presentation to the department leaders. It went really well and I’m looking forward to taking the next 3 weeks to enjoy summer before launching back into grad school.

I had a COVID scare but it was thankfully not COVID and I have since recovered.

I have joined the local library and started borrowing books.

I want to learn how to drive. (Much needed here in the States! Or maybe even just culturally needed. People are quite shocked to hear that an adult does not know how to drive.)

Lastly, I am planning to go to Florida and enjoy some much needed beach time to soak up the sun. Look forward to more updates in the near future!

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